My Services

Food Education

Confused about the latest trends? I get it… I will help you understand how food can work for you based upon my research from my studies on holistic nutrition, journal articles, books, and online learning.

Thyroid Education

Thyroid health is the core of what I do. That tiny butterfly shaped organ is our body’s thermostat and helps to control so much!I offer VIP Packages and a day structured to working on every aspect of your health!

VIP Services

Ready to work with someone to work on every aspect of your health (fitness, food, and health strategies) to help you manage your overall wellness? I got you covered!

Health Journal...Coming Soon

We need to understand what’s going on with our bodies now, more than ever! When was the last time you actually wrote down your food sensitivities or the notes from your doctor? Don’t worry…what I’m creating will solve a lot of that!

Meal Prep & Planning

Trying to figure out this whole meal prep and planning thing? No worries! My step by step guide and services will walk through the basics of how to get started.

Fitness & Movement

Movement is key to improving our overall health. Not sure where to start? I got you covered! We can work 1:1 to tailor a program specific to your needs.