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What is the C.A.N.E Method?

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Care management

We will discuss your care team, and what makes you YOU (history, health needs, how you learn, etc.), how to navigate your patient portal and the healthcare aspects of your care.


We will walk through how to introduce yourself through your patient story, we will discuss ways to talk about your health needs, and we will talk through how to establish care standards for you.


We will discuss how nutrition plays a role in your overall thyroid health. We will discuss resources and education you can review to help.


You will have a customized, progressive exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Customer/Client Reviews

Ebony is an utter joy - well beyond her name! Her expertise is incredible, wide and high! She brings energy unlike anyone else and exudes mind, body and soul health! She is your go to for all things nutrition and wellness and also specifically assists in thyroid needs!
T. Andress
Ebony creates products and programs that can help everyone, regardless of what level you're at. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself!
C. WIlliams
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