3 Considerations for Sleep and Your Thyroid You Can Practice Today

woman sleeping to show how it affects your thyroid

Sleep and your thyroid..what’s the connection? Sleep is such a vital component of our lives. When you have a thyroid disease, however, sleep can be the farthest thing from your mind. Think about it, one minute you can barely keep your head up because you’re exhausted, but when it’s time to go to bed, suddenly you want to run a marathon and plan a month’s vacation at midnight! Five hours later, you’re still awake and you’re supposed to be up at 5 am. 

Your body replenishes itself when you are asleep. It is really important to find ways to calm yourself so that you can truly rest.

I know everyone has different life experiences, but is there a way for you to take steps to unwind in a way that feels good to you?

Perhaps, can you try to unwind an hour before bed?

Whenever I’ve been working and I jump right into bed, I can’t fall asleep right away. While I’m not always successful, reducing electronics and using my essential oil diffuser in my room has helped tremendously. I have also tried to reduce electronics. If you are not a gadget person, perhaps one way to help you fall back to sleep is using a good old fashioned book.

Think about your surroundings.

What would it feel like to limit the amount of light in your room? I know that sometimes you can be really hot or really cold, but err on the cooler side in your room when you sleep. Drink warm milk or a non-caffeinated tea (that’s safe for you of course).

These few tips may help:

  • Try taking a slow paced walk, or stretch an hour before bed to help you relax.
  • Limit fluids before bed. Try to get your water intake in earlier in the day. It’s nothing worse than running to the bathroom all night! This, however, may be challenging if you take a medication that causes you to go to the bathroom, however.
  • Try not to work in your bed as you may begin to associate your bed with work instead of sleep (and other fun activities)

That’s all folks! 

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