5 Tips to Stop Meal Planning Meltdowns: Making the Most out of Meal Prep

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Meal Planning and Prep…Friend or Foe?

 We are in a strange time. Our routines are out of whack, we are being told to create and do things that we’ve never done and to try as hard as we can to be all the things…

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can take a deep breath. My advice, figure out what works best for you, but in order to maintain some type of normalcy, establish a routine.

Meal planning gives me the routine and peace I need. I don’t have to think about food during the week as I often have back to back meetings. I simply go in the refrigerator and grab my container. It’s wonderful!

Of course, you will need to consider your family size,  your timing for meals and any dietary concerns. 

Here are five simple ways to help you get the most out of meal planning:
  1. Make a list of the foods that you as well as your family like to eat.
  2.  Start small with figuring out how many meals you will cook. You don’t have to jump right into doing a lot in terms of meal prep; perhaps you can prep maybe two meals at a time.
  3. Plan a day where you’re going to be in the kitchen and cook. I’ve gotten to a point now where I don’t spend more than two hours preparing meals. It took me a while to get there, but I want to encourage you today and also give you some ideas.
  4. Make sure you eat before grocery shopping! It never ends well when you go to the store on an empty stomach!
  5. Make the process fun! Grab a good playlist and enjoy your time. Nourishing your body isn’t a chore, it is something you get to do. When you focus on gratitude, even when cooking, it makes a huge difference. 
Anytime you sit down to plan your meals, think about the following:
    • How can I ensure that I’m getting enough from a nutrition standpoint to be able to meet my goals?
    • What recipes can I use that are simple and cost effective?
Want more tips to help with grocery shopping and meal planning?

Here is a podcast episode from my podcast, Thyroid Warrior that talks all about getting the most out of grocery shopping.

Looking for ways to add more veggies? Check out my Pinterest board here.

Want even more ideas, tips and templates? You can grab my meal planning guide here.



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